Monday, 28 April 2014

Vintage Winter Dressing; Velvet

Here in Sydney winter is beginning to set in. It is not yet coats and scarves weather, but we are heading there. I have been playing around with my winter wardrobe the last few weeks and it is so much fun. Besides loving the cold weather, I love dressing in layers, and playing around with textures, fabrics, colours and accessories in a way that you really an't do in summer. I wore an outfit the other week that i know I will be able to wear again when it gets colder, but with a different coat and necklace will look completely different.
I have decided to document a lot of my winter outfits for the blog.
My winter dressing staples are as follows:

  • purple and teal green colours, though this year i am playing around a bit with red and earth tones
  • woolen skirts
  • velvets and textures
  • coloured stockings
  • pashmina scarves
  • coats; especially my crushed purple velvet  
Today I got my braces off after 17 months. I had clear ones, and I never felt they impacted my appearance or how I felt about myself, but getting them off made me ten times more confident. I got home and changed immediately into a pencil skirt out of my jeans, and then decided I needed to do something with my hair. I followed Bethany's excellent tutorial and I feel this is the start of my getting a grip on how to do my hair.
 It's amazing how a nice outfit can make you feel fantastic

Blouse; opshop
Jacket; Fletcher Jones, opshop
Skirt; opshop
Headscarf; Mum
Necklace; Grandma
Earrings; taken from Mum's room
Boots; opshop


  1. Loving the textures and the layers. We are heading for Summer in the UK so I'm doing the opposite, packing away the heavy jumpers and jackets and getting out the thin wispy stuff! I love the colours you've put together they work well.

  2. Hi Kaitlyn, nice to meet you - thank you for following me, if you hadn't, I would not have found your blog :).

    Teal suits you beautifully, and you have done very well with your Op Shop finds.

    1. Thankyou :) I absolutely love teal. Yep, almost everything in my wardrobe is opshop, but endevouring to handmake more clothes