Tuesday, 2 February 2016

The Results of #ufosewjanuary

SO, now January is over, it's time to reflect on how I went in reducing the UFO pile. I am calling it a success, even though I didn't get through as much as I had wanted. I got through most of the refashioning/mending pile. The pieces that are left are mostly half done projects, which I have motivation to finish anyway. the month was a good time to force myself to do some small sewing jobs that usually get lost in the excitement of new fabric. I was also a bit slow as I did a number of paid sewing jobs over the month. Nothing too exciting; work pants hemming, sewing in labels for small businesses etc. The best thing is now I have more room in my small sewing space, and my mind is running fast with new projects.

So here are my finished projects:

This BHL Anna blouse fits so well, but with a side zip is hard to get on. I did a quick fix so the side zip is now open at the bottom. It's still tight to get on, but I shouldn't now be busting stitches and pulling muscles whilst getting dressed
 My brown velvet skirt. Fixed the hem, and stitched down the top facing to stop the lining flipping out.
 I hand stitched down the facing to stop it flipping out. this is such a good hot weather dress
 No "after" picture, but all I did was take off about six inches from the length to make it easier to wear.
 Halter dress to skirt for my sister.
 Replacing a busted zipper. Once I get proper photos I will do a blog post on this.
 Finally finished my bridesmaid fabric shirt dress. I am getting so much wear out of this
The 'third time lucky' blouse. This gorgeous piece deserves its own blog post

I decided it was time for a few pieces to go, and also did some button salvaging. One or two pieces also went into "use fabric for other purposes" box.

So there you go! I'm hoping to finish off my other projects this month, as I also start new pieces. I was reunited last week with my cutting table, which I had missed so much this past year. It slots into the corner of our apartment, an I can roll it out when I am sewing. everything is now stored much neater, and I have cutting space. I am in the middle of sewing up a Mimi blouse in Liberty carline, so hope to share that soon.


  1. Wow! That must feel really nice to accomplish all of that! I can't imagine getting so many UFOs done in a month.

  2. thanks Kira :) Most were fairly small jobs, I just needed the incentive to get them done

  3. All of your garments are gorgeous. What a production month you've had!