Thursday, 9 February 2017

The Ella Skirt

Have you ever had a sewing project that has been in your mind for years? For me it is this brown skirt. Back in the 1980's my grandmother, Ella, made my Mum this gorgeous brown gabardine skirt with a curved yoke and two deep pleats. I loved it, but it was much too small for me, so I decided that I would make my own version. Surprisingly, the original pattern was long gone. I dithered over what to do for a while, but then I decided I needed to draft it myself. I'd already bought some chocolate brown chino (that matched my blouses better than the original colour) and I knew I wouldn't be satisfied with a simple gored skirt.

I've done a smidgeon of pattern drafting over the years, usually fiddling around with pre-existing patterns, and the most I've done was with my wedding dress skirt, which took a number of attempts to get right. A few months ago, I just decided to jump in. I got out my Simplicity 6862 basic fore gore skirt pattern and using that as the block I spent a couple of hours drawing yokes, adding and removing seam allowances, and working out how to sew the pleats. I then made it up in some  navy, and it worked! I was so relieved. The brown skirt followed soon after. So that's the story of the pattern I've christened the Ella skirt. I'll be back next week with a post detailing construction etc, as the beauty of this skirt is in the details.

The blouse is yet another Smooth Sailing in a rayon that started life as a 1980's opshop dress made in Indonesia. I have very little to add about this pattern, other than I still love it and cannot see myself stopping making it any time soon.

Thanks to my sister for the photo!

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