Thursday, 9 March 2017

1930's green and orange blouse

 My go to outfit over the summer has been a solid coloured skirt (of which I have now made five) with a Smooth Sailing blouse. This is yet another reiteration.

The blouse is made of some vintage fabric of unknown origins, and the colour reminds me of something from the 1930's. It's rather different from what I usually wear, so it was finished for a few months before I finished my brown Ella skirt. Thankfully it was the perfect combination and looked exactly what I was envisaging in my head.
I had the perfect vintage orange buttons, but only had four, so skipped the bottom button hole. Construction was very straight forward- I cut the main body stripes vertically and the yokes horizontally.

I've also added in a detail shot form when I was making my Ella skirt. The yoke curves into a point where the top seam of the pleat sits.

That's all for now. I have a lot more to show you over the coming weeks, but I am finding it hard to get outfit photos!


  1. That's such pretty fabric! It must be great having a favourite style in so many colours.

  2. Very pretty, and the buttons are perfect for the fabric!

  3. It is such a cute blouse on you. And that skirt yoke is gorgeous - beautiful topstitching and workmanship.

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