Thursday, 10 October 2013


When I think about my approach to life, there are two things that stand out.
Firstly, my attitude is one of simplicity. I hate fuss and  excessive expenditure.
Secondly my style is excessively vintage. I love vintage style dresses, doilies and fabric/
And I think these two aspects go together.
One of my aims in life is to live simply in a style that I love. I'm an accomplished patch worker, and am starting dressmaking. I hate shopping, but will happily spend hours opshopping. I'm trying to expand my cooking repertoire, and I'm starting to dream of how I will one day create a very vintage DIY home.

When I'm not concocting ways to work my way through my ever growing fabric stash, I study a Bachelor of Arts in History and Medieval Studies. 

I love: good novels, writing, thinking deep thoughts, old houses, spending time alone, crisp, cold winter days and long train commutes to unversity.

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