Saturday, 19 October 2013


Here in Australia it's coming into summer rather quickly. Only mid October, and we are having days in the mid 30's C, and the next few days are going to be a heatwave. Bushfire season has also started with a vengeance; there's a massive fire raging not too far from where I live that has already claimed 200 houses. Though the smoke is pretty heavy, I am very blessed not to be in danger, though many people I know have lost everything.

I also hate the heat. Hate it. Balmy spring weather is the top of my comfort zone. If the weather calls for thick stockings, a coat and scarf, all the better. Australian summers are the worst, and this one seems set to be a shocker.

Now, what does this have to do with my sewing? A lot actually; I've been thinking about what I'll be doing craft wise over the uni holidays this morning.

Firstly, I've heard of a quilt drive that the Salvation Army is doing for people that lost their houses in the bush fire, and I'm hoping this can be something I can get involved in. I have time over the next months, and I have a lot of fabric.

More personally, if this is going to be a hot summer, I need to stock my wardrobe with cotton, and a lot of it. I find t-shirts too stuffy for most of the summer months, and so live in cotton blouses. As I start to plan my sewing projects, it's going to involve a lot of cotton dresses, and a lot of cotton blouses.

Does any one know any good vintage like summer blouse patterns? I'm currently eyeing off Colette Pattern's Sencha blouse, but any other suggestions would be very welcome


  1. Ahh I am on the other side of the planet so its getting cold here. My summer go to (on those super hot days) were my favorite pair of high waist shorts and this crop top pattern . It is a very versatile pattern which allows for some creativity. I always added a few inches to the bottom and usually put in a peter pan collar. And it would usually be done within a couple hours....oh yes and its free!

  2. Thankyou!
    Ah, that's looks like a great pattern. I shall have to give it a go. You're right, it looks like it would work with a lot of different embellishments, fabric types etc

  3. I cannot help but envy your location... Although heat can be so exhausting, I love Australia so much. I spent a month last year out in the outback near Alice Springs, watching the wild brumbies. Best time of my life! I hope to go back some day, but from Norway it's a long trek :)