Saturday, 8 March 2014

Anna progress and some notes now I am back at uni

My sewing has been rather sporadic in the last weeks. I have a number of projects nearing completion including another Simplicity 2444, another Mathilde blouse and my first attempt at a blouse.
My most notable one though has been the purchasing of By Hand London's Anna dress.

Here she is, just with skirt panels and neck facing pinned onto my dress form. Do not despair, I have not sewn the split up to my undies. As you can probably see, I am making the midi skirt length with the V-neck. The pattern was a dream to sew, and now it is sitting in my hand sewing bag waiting to be hemmed. I will not talk any more about it now. It truly deserves it's own blog post.

I am back at uni as of this week. It is extremely exciting. However it sadly leaves limited sewing time. I am only at uni three days a week, but the reading is extremely demanding, especially in a medieval history course. Luckily I love it, but I get the feeling I will be indulging in my love of intellectual theory much more than my love of sewing this semester.

I do have a good long list of sewing plans though,and they will be fitted in, just a bit more slowly than they have been in the last few months. i will be doing most of my hand sewing on my commute (when I am not reading that is) My plan is to post on the blog at least once a week, with any sewing progress, or anything else related to vintage living that I am thinking about. And of course as soon as I finish a project it will go straight up.

My dream list for the next months is as follows:

  • purple woolen pencil skirt. I am tossing up between using a New Look pattern and pegging it, or buying By Hand London's Charlotte skirt
  • Cream satin blouse; vintage pattern. I am making a version of the pattern currently in a floral cotton and it is coming together much smoother than I was expecting. 
  • Vintage Vogue 2903 probably in a floral cotton
  • Anna dress in green wool. I will have to check if the fabric will work first.
  • Sew Dolly Clackett dress
  • Green full 1950s skirt to go with a lovely vintage style jacket I already own


  1. Wow those are a lot of plans if you don't have much time! Glad you are enjoying uni so much. Can't wait to see your finished Anna dress. Beautiful fabric you have chosen

    1. It really is a lot. I think it's more of a dream list; I always plan over and above. The purple pencil skirt is a must though. I have been dreaming of it for months. Thanks, the fabric was actually an opshop doona cover. And I even have enough left over for another project