Sunday, 23 February 2014

Red Retro Dress

This is the first dress I cut out and sewed up, and the second I finished. I actually finished it a few weeks ago, but haven't been able to share it. I wore it once, but in my hurry to finish it, and my unawareness of the importance of correct sewing procedure I had left all seams unfinished. Trust me, trimming and zig zaging each seam after you have completed the entire dress is not fun. I got that done, but only got around to washing it this week, and then finally today I wore it again, and was determined to get photos.

Of course this is one of my Simplicity 2444 dresses. I feel fantastic wearing this pattern. This dress is going to be worn so much. I specifically designed it with the sleeves that length so I will be able to wear it winter and summer. I have a beautiful red wool coat I am dying to wear with it. This dress has actually been in the works for so long, when I first cu it out I was determined to get in a few wears with the red stockings and coat combination. Oh well, there is always this coming winter.

Pattern: Simplicity 2444
Size: 12
Adjustments: I cut the sleeve length between cap and three quarter, at the lengthen/shorten line
Fabric: Cotton from Spotlight. Red, blue and white flowers on an olive green background
Notions: 22 inch invisible red zip. This was my first inserted by machine.
Wear with: Summer it creates it's own outfit, but I do want to find red pumps. Winter; red coat, red stockings, brown boots and a pale blue scarf
Make Again: Yes! I already have


  1. You'll get loads of wear out of that, well worth going back and finishing all those seams. Well done you.

  2. Very cute dress! Simplicity 2444 really is a great pattern, so glad you had good luck with it! You are not alone in sometimes doing sewing procedures in the wrong order, I have done that too, sometimes i'm just too excited to see how it will fit.