Thursday, 7 January 2016


This week I finally tidied my sewing area. My sewing area is really a bunch of tubs and boxes that live in the window box. There was fabric going everywhere, and it was good to spend an afternoon refolding and sorting. I finally got it very neat. One thing that stood out to me though was how many UFO's I have. I also have a whole bag of mending/refashioning.
After getting started on one new project this last wee, I have decided that I must tackle this problem before I get carried away with all my new sewing plans.
My resolution for January therefore is to deplete the UFO and the mending pile. Most things are almost finished. In many cases, the UFO's just need the finishing touches, and a good bit of the mending is neckline facings that have not been cooperating. This will then free up more sewing room, give myself a good pile of new clothes to wear (more finished item posts! yay!) and make me feel less messy every time I go to sew.

There will be a few exceptions. I have a few pieces of commission sewing this month, but luckily nothing too big. I am also giving myself a pass on a lot of the refashions. A few require the muslins of new patterns, and I also don't want a self imposed deadline to ruin good garments. I also do not have the time this month to learn bound button holes to revitalise a vintage kilt.

There will be a lot of hand sewing this month. The above picture is my refashioned-refashioned Liberty shirtdress. Almost there with that one. It will be a good excuse to watch Call the Midwife. Do any of you have good recommendations for BBC style costume drama that makes good watching whilst handsewing?

Lastly, I want to throw open this challenge to any one else that wants to use this month to burn through the UFO pile. I'll be posting on Instagram, and be doing a round up here at the end of the month. If you want to play along tag #UFOsewjanuary on instagram, and also tag me, @kaitlynssimplyvintage so I can see all your projects as you finish them up.

Do you have a massive UFO pile, or are you a disciplined finisher?


  1. Lovely fabric! I have so many projects in my UFO it can be overwhelming... I hope to change that this year. : ) Looking forward to seeing what you sew in the year ahead.

  2. Good for you. Unfinished projects take up far too much space.

  3. I watch loads of costume dramas, downtown Abby, any agatha christie, mad men, Mr Selfridge probably have the best clothes!