Monday, 4 November 2013

Three Dresses from Simplicity 2444

It's been a while from my last post! I have been busy finishing university for the semester, and now classes are over, I have a bit more sewing time, and some pictures of my progress to show!

When I began trawling the internet for inspiration to launch myself into dressmaking,I kept on coming across Simplicity 2444. I loved the pattern for it's versatility, and its very 1950's silhouette; dresses with defined waists very much suit me.

I currently have three renditions of this dress on the go, all in varying stages of completion. The plan is to finish them ll within the next few weeks, and I am having some sewing time soon with a good friend, who is going to show me how to put in the zips.

Dress One: The Red Retro Dress
This dress is very retro shaped with the boat neck and sleeves, that once hemmed will be about halfway down to my elbow. It's my first dress, and my first time putting in sleeves, and although it took a few attempts, they ended up sitting really well, and they fit beautifully.
I chose to put in the long sleeves, as I want this dress to be one that could be worn year round. In winter I'm going to pair it with a pair of red stockings and my red wool coat. All it needs to finish it off is the zip, neck facings, and the hems.

Dress Two: The Two Tone Collar Dress
i wouldn't exactly call this dress vintage or retro, but I'm really excited for how it's going to turn out. I found the fabric at a fabric market sale for $4 and was drawn to how unusual it was. Knowing it would be a squeeze to get a whole dress out of it, and wanting to try something a little new I am making the cape collar option from Simplicity 2444. The skirt and collar are going to be in the purple fabric, whilst the bodice will be in a plain black cotton. The picture is only of one half of the skirt back; I made up the skirt pieces over the weekend, but only bought the bodice fabric today, and then washed it, so it hasn't been cut or made up yet.

Dress Three: The Feminine Vintage Dress
I feel happy every time I see this fabric. I found it cheap at a fabric stall and instantly bought about 3.5m. And I now have enough left over to make a bag. I'm using the same style as my red dress, but using the cap sleeves option. As it's such a light coloured print, I can't really see myself wearing it in winter. It's half constructed, but for cutting it out yesteray afternoon, it's been rather quick progress. Th intetnion is to find some lovely wide lace to go around the armholes, and the bottom hem.
 Again, a bit of a close up, so you can see the fabric. I really love how I got the middle two pleats to cross over

And I have taught myself how to French seam! I think I am in love... I even managed to French seam the sides, including the pockets.

That's what I have on the go! I promise to post pictures of the dresses being worn once they are finished, with a little more detail.

What is everyone else making?


  1. Ohhh! That first one is my favourite! Love all things red :-) lovely job!

  2. Love all the floral prints you have picked! I'm really tempted to buy this pattern, how did you find the fit?

    1. Thanks! It's a really good pattern, and really easy, so much variation, I'd recommend it.
      Can't say a heap about the fit, as I haven't made any progress on them since those pictures. I muslined a 14, and that was much too big, so they're cut a straight 12 fit is really good at the momnet, but zips are still to go in. Can't see it being an issue though

  3. Ooh I love this pattern!
    I've made this twice so far and it's my favourite pattern by far.
    Can't wait to see them all made up.

  4. wow such beautiful blog! will be back!! really enjoyed reading your blog!!