Monday, 17 February 2014

Vintage Cotton Mathilde Blouse

I made my first Mathilde blouse. I am so very excited. I originally bought the pattern to use with some stunning blue floral drapey cotton, and this one was made as my wearable muslin, bu I will be wearing it very much.
I was planning on making my muslin out of an old sheet, but my Mum encouraged me to find some real fabric in case it turned out. I picked this out of my grandma's stash, thinking it wasn't that nice, but now I am in love with the fabric; it's just a very different colour to what I normally wear.
The pintucks took a good while (I now know it is not optional to mark the crease line) and I ha to put it to the side for a few days whilst I worked out how to use the buttonhole foot on my machine, but now it's all sorted. I can do zips and buttons now which is going to expand my repertoire. I made sure I used a green thread for the pintucks and hem. Done in a matching or contrasting colour makes them stand out.

I found it an easy make, bolstered by Tilly's excellent online instructions. I now feel confident enough to make the next one on my own. Oh, and there will be plenty more; short sleeves, gathered, sleeveless. I am even planning on how I can make an Edwardian inspired version with insertion.

Pattern: Tilly and the Buttons Mathilde Blouse
Size: 3
Adjustments: None, followed the pattern exactly
Fabric: Green, orange and pale pink floral; my grandma's stash
Notions: Seven red buttons; grandma's stash
Wear With: Most skirt shapes, either tucked in or out
Make Again: most definitely


  1. I love your buttons at the back, you have done a brilliant job....I am planning number two, but might make the neck wider at the front ?
    thanks for joining along with me too, nice to meet you, will follow you on bloglovin....bestest daisy j x

    1. Thank you Daisy :) I think I am going to keep the neck as is for my next make, but I might experiment with it after that.
      Nice to meet you too. Your floral Mathilde is very lovely

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for making such a fantastic pattern. This is certainly going to end up being a wardrobe staple

  3. What a wonderfully lovely, classic blouse. I'm struck by how it seems like the kind of piece that would be a dream to dress up or down, as your heart's desire and the events of your day dictated. Terrific job, dear gal, it looks beautiful on you!

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for your wonderfully nice comment on yesterday's blog. It warms my heart to know that you found my post to be helpful to you as a budding blogger. If you ever have questions about anything pertaining to blogging, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm here to help however I can.

  4. Thankyou :) I am very excited to see how I will be able to wear this blouse. Planning on cutting out my second version today in this dreamy blue floral.

    Thanksfor the offer. I am finding blogging very exciting

  5. Yey, this is not a wearable muslin- this is a fantastic blouse. Glad you listened to your mum, they always know best! Can't wait to see your blue floral. This is a design you can wear with everything.

  6. This is lovely, a great use of your grandmas's fabric. I may have to revisit this pattern!